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Support Rates

Support is the number one reason NetWorks! is in support you and your business. Large firms have dedicated people, sometimes several, that are there to support their network on a full time basis. However, most small companies just can't afford to staff someone that is dedicated to fixing computers and the network.
That's where NetWorks! steps in. Our specialty is in supporting your computers and network.

Our hourly rate is for those that just need the occasional fix on a pc or network.
Our hourly rates are:

  • Website Development/editing $65/hr

  • Technology consulting $90/hr

  • Workstation (computer) support $90/hr

  • Telephone/Remote support $1.50/minute

  • Network & server support $115/hr

Unless otherwise noted, there is a one hour minimum for local service and a two hour minimum for locations greater than 40 miles.

Support Contracts
Support contracts are for those that believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! A support contract give you an IT professional on staff a few hours every month.
Among the tasks we perform are:

  • Computer repair

  • Computer upgrades

  • Network maintenance

  • Windows updates

  • Virus protection & removal

  • Spyware protection and removal

Pricing on support contracts is dependent on the size of the network and the hours per month required. Those on a support contract will receive a discount off of our normal hourly pricing.

If you are interested in knowing more, please use our contact form.

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