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Billing Policy
All NetWorks Technology Solutions customers are required to pay for their web hosting and Internet access accounts via credit card in advance of service. We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.
Because we do not actually scan a physical credit card, we are required to keep a copy of a credit card authorization form on file for each customer. Please download it here. This must be done in advance of charging your card for services. Please fill it out completely. You may be asked for an updated copy if your credit card changes or if you have a new expiration date.

Specific questions regarding your bill must be directed to NetWorks Technology Solutions.

Your credit card will be billed every month, on or around the 25th day of the month, for services provided the following month. All accounts MUST be paid for in advance to avoid cancellation of services.

How our billing process works:

Our billing system is simple. Billing is done on a monthly basis.  For monthly website hosting, a credit card is required.  Payment for webhosting is provided in advance of the service being provided.  Your credit card will be charged near the end of a month, to cover the following month. 

Your first month of billing is prorated to put the account in compliance with our monthly billing cycle. To find the proper billing amount we simply determine the daily rate of the current month, multiply by the days remaining in that month, and then add the rate of the next month.

For example, if a customer signs up for service on March 23rd, the billing would be as follows:

Monthly price of service $19.95 (price based upon service level)
Daily rate for March $0.64
Days remaining until next month 9
$0.64 per day X 9 days $5.76
April service $19.95 + prorated March service at $5.76
Total bill $25.71

After you complete our signup process, either online or by phone, we will begin setting up your account. Once we receive your order, we will begin processing it. Within 24 hours, you will get an order confirmation via email or fax from us with your account settings, including your ‘master user name’ and your password. You will then be ready to upload or create your website. If your domain name is new, or has been transferred from another webhost, your website may not be visible by it’s name until all changes have propagated through the Internet, usually 24-48 hours after the change request has been submitted.

Cancellation of service:

NetWorks Technology Solutions reserves the right to cancel any account for any reason without prior notice. Accounts that are cancelled due to a violation of the Terms of Service will NOT be refunded.
Refunds are not provided for remainders of months after a client has cancelled service.

Cancellation of account must be made in advance of monthly billing via email from an authorized member of the entity wishing to cancel services.


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