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Online Backup
 New! NetWorks! now offers an automated online backup service for your critical data.  Our system is designed to be as simple as 'set it and forget it', so you don't need to worry about backing up your data each day or each week.  It's automatically done for you.


  • Installation and configuration is included on your network
  • The backups run at night and don't interfere with your normal work
  • Can backup files that are in use (WindowsXP Only)
  • Backups are password protected and secure
  • Can be run nightly or weekly


  • 1MB through 50 MB backup
    • Daily backup $25/month
    • Weekly backup $15/month
  • 51MB through 200 MB backup
    • Daily Backup - $35/month
    • Weekly backup - $30/month

If you already have website hosting with us, you can add online backup to your account for only $15 for 100MB of space.

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